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Michael Bonham; or, The Fall of Bexar. A Tale of Texas >> Part V — Scene X >> Page 35

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Page 35

Drama | John R. Thompson | 1852
Transcription Michael Bonham ; or, the Fall of Bexar. 35

Having a thousand things in memory,
Of what we were together. This embrace—
Maria. Is death!
Ha! There! [Attempts to stab her, rises from the
sofa and drawsfurth a concealed dagger.
Sparrow, [arresting the blow.] The woman's mad!
Esteban. Jesu ! Was ever such a stratagem !
Maria. Still baffled !
Bonham. Disarm her!
Maria. That ye shall not. See!
[Stabs herself. Bonham. Horrible! It is a fatal blow !
Maria. Or it were mockery.

Go to your beauty, Amador. She faints !
I die, but faint not! Yet one look! I loved you ; I love you to the last! Oh ! Amador,
She cannot love as I have done. This hand, That smote its kindred heart, had, in your cause, Borne weapon 'gainst a thousand foes—but now! Support me, Amador. Your arm ; yours only—God! how I loved this man! [Dies.
Bonham. 'Tis over now—Olivia!

Curtain drops while the characters group themselves around her.