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Reviews/Essays | Walker & James, Publishers | 1853
to the subject which provides the material for this paper, is,
in truth, the provocation to it. We are not prepared to quar-
rel with that taste, or passion for novelty, which, of late, seems
disposed to busy itself in rescuing the memories of the Amer-
ican Loyalists from the appropriate obscurity of the past.
There is, no doubt, something natural, and perhaps necessary,
in these researches. However unimportant in themselves,
their results and discoveries constitute a certain portion of our
history, and are essential to the unity and completeness of our
records, if not to their authority and value. Pursued with
strict conscientiousness, and a just and always carefully dis-
criminating judgment, we can have no objection to any course
of inquiry which may add to our historical possessions in re-
lation to this subject; though we must still be •permitted to
regard it as one of those toils, of affection rather than of wis-
dom, in which the seeker will be apt to discover much more
than he cares to find, and, however conscientious, much more
than he will be likely to put on record. It is certainly one of
those labours of love, in which discretion keeps largely in the
rear of sympathy ; one of those unwise inquiries which extort
painful and humiliating responses only ; as if the diviner, with torturing spells, provoked only the anger of his oracle, when
he presumed to fathom all its mysteries. The Loyalists of

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