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Reviews/Essays | Walker & James, Publishers | 1853
consists of the Raisonable, of 64 guns, (which they don't
mean to bring in,) the Renown, of 50 ; the Roebuck, of 44 ;
Captain IIammond and Admiral Arbuthnot on board the
Blonde of 32 ; the Perseus of 28, and another of 20. It is
said the Raleigh joined them yesterday. Now, I think our
vessels, supported by Fort Moultrie, are more than equal. We
have the two continental vessels, the Truite, the Bricole and
the Adventure, besides four gallies ; for they have all left
Ashley river, which is defended by two batteries at Coming's
Point, one of which mounts three 26 pounders and 4 eigh-
teens. Yesterday, the enemy were at work near Old Town,
and we at Coming's Point. The forts upon the bay are
nearly finished. Ccl. Cambray goes on briskly at Fort Moul-
trie making a glacis. A few militia are coming in. Col.
Garden brought in 100 two days ago. But the enemy have
crossed a body of three or four hundred men from Georgia,
at the Two Sisters, and some horse from Port Royal, which,
it is said, are at Sheldon. I suppose they are three regiments
of new levies which were left at Ebenezer. The 7th inst.,
Gen. Williamson was encamped near Augusta. With the
Georgia militia, he may have some 7 or 800 wen. After he
hears of the enemy's movement from Ebenezer, I make no
doubt he will move after them. The tories are partly routed.
Several have been brought to gaol. Yesterday, their Col.
Anderson was brought in by one Captain Richards, who took
him near the Salkehatchie, with four of my negroes. They
are all six now in the hands of our friends. Col. Pickens has
been down with a party of horse scouring the country. Bal-
entine, who attempted to go over to the enemy, was hanged
last Thursday. Anderson, I expect, will follow. A special
court is appointed for the trial. We are still hoping for the
Virginia line. Sometimes they are near, sometimes at a dis-
tance. As for General Scott, I believe he never will come."
[J Lewis Gervais to H. Laurens.] -',,n_P-.
"19th March. The enemy's ships appeared again off the
bar, being fine weather." [McIntosh.]
" 20th March. This morning, the enemy's ships (seven of
them) got over our bar, and are now in Five Fathom Hole.
Perhaps they may begin their attack to-morrow. I hope we
shall give a good account of them. The enemy (land forces)