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Reviews/Essays | Walker & James, Publishers | 1853
still remain at Wappoo. We hear they are to march to-
clay this way." [Moultrie.]
20th March. This morning, the enemy's shipping (men-
of-war came over the bar. Eight, from 20 to 50 guns."
" 20th March. The crisis of our fate approaches pretty
near. . . . This morning, soon after five, signals were
made. At six, the admiral's flag was shifted to the Raison-
able, and all the men-of-war, except the now admiral's ship,
loosed their topsails. They were all under way in five min-
utes ; and at half past seven every one safe anchored within
the bar, without meeting the least accident. Since that, five
of the transports, which have the heavy ship's cannon on board,
and an armed brig, are come in, and some of the lighters are
alongside of the Renown and Roebuck. After these, another
frigate came in from sea, and anchored near the admiral.
These, too, I suppose, will come in with to-morrow morning's
tide. I am sorry that the buoys and landmarks were not cut
away when in our power. I am sorry, also, that our opposi-
tion was not made, at the entrance of the bay, where the large
ships entered divested of our (their) guns. I dare say, if a
French fleet should appear off our bar, the English would
make [at this point] their principal opposition. But I be-
lieve it is not the lot of many naval officers to alter any plan
they have formed, to adapt it to occasional circumstances!"
[Peter Timothy.]
The hit here was at Commodore Whipple, who seems to
have been entirely incompetent to the occasion.
21st March. The English fleet passed the bar, and an-
chored in Five Fathom Hole." [De Brahm.]
" Our ships, the Providence of 30, the Boston 32, the
Queen of France 18, the Ranger 20 guns, continentals ; with
24, the Polacre — guns, French, and the Bricole, (a
state ship of 28 guns, were stationed near Fort Moultrie with
two armed brigs, to intercept the British fleet there ; but this
day were ordered, and came up to Charlestown, in order to
take their guns and sailors for our batteries, as also the gal-
lies, and to sink some of them in the channel of Cooper river,
before the town." [McIntosh.]