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Reviews/Essays | Walker & James, Publishers | 1853
lies lie where they were last night. I don't know of a signal
the admiral has made. It not being foggy on the land side,
observed the enemy bringing down and laying hurdles of ten
or twelve feet in length, and two or three feet narrower (less
in breadth) upon the marsh at Lining's landing and causeway,
to pass over to a point of Horry's land, whence the enemy are
supposed to intend to cross to G-ibbes's place. Several boats
full of soldiers, and some bulky articles, came down from
Wappoo to the brick yard landing, from whence the soldiers
marched to Lining's. Many tories* have been down to-day
to view the batteries erected at Wappoo and this town.
Reckoned the vessels again to-day, as high as Hutson's house
in Stono river, and they amounted to 67, besides several down
the river." [P. Timothy.]
" 25th March. Our armed vessels before Fort Moultrie, re-
turned to town ; their cannon were transplanted into the land
batteries." [DeBrahm.]
" 25th March. Fired at the enemy's gallies in Wappoo
Creek from our batteries. There were three of them seen.
Cold, clear weather." [McIntosh.]
" 25th March. I have to acquaint you that a third galley
(which got through ` the Cut' yesterday,) joined the two
others to day, which were before at the entrance of Wappoo
Creek. That the one which was with the fleet left them this
morning, and went into Stono this evening. That two more
large frigates, yellow sides, having 26 guns in their batteries,
and the famous Galatea, of 20 guns, having arrived off this bar
and anchored there, together with an armed sloop of 10 guns,
and 3 large transports, all of which, I suppose, will come in
tomorrow. That the gallies' boats have this afternoon been
employed in sounding, and have come quite into Ashley river,
were fired at from Cumming's Point Battery. That the en-
emy have done nothing to-day on the land side that I could
discover, but increase the number of piles of hurdles at Lining's
causeway, to that of the United American States (13,) and col-
lect boards and plank at E. Horry's barn, Old Town landing.
That I have reckoned the enemy's shipping again to-day,
t Distinguished by their costume from the British and Hessian line forces.