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Reviews/Essays | Walker & James, Publishers | 1853
their gallies at the mouth of Wappoo Creek, quite open to us."
"27th March. A council of general and field officers held
this morning* at head-quarters, Tradd-street, for their opinions
upon the propriety of evacuating Fort Moultrie. They were
all of opinion (except Col. Parker's officers) that it should not
be evacuated.
" Note.—This is the first council of war called since I was in
town. Col. Hamilton and Dr. Smith taken by Col. Wash-
ington at Stono. The Colonel (Washington) killed some
and sent more of the enemy's prisoners into town. Some
boats went up Ashley river in the night from Wappoo Cut."
Tarleton writes :
" 27th March. A body of the continental calvary, consist-
ing of Washington's and Bland's light horse, and Pulaski's
hussars, carried off Lt. Col. Hamilton, of the North-Carolina
Provincial Regiment, with some other prisoners, and owing to
the imprudence of the officer who commanded the advanced
guard of the British dragoons, sent in pursuit, was on the
point of gaining advantage over that corps. The error was
rectified, and the affair ended with equal loss to both parties."
Tarleton shows himself peculiar in his choice of language
for this affair. Ramsay briefly reports it thus :
" His (Tarleton's) next rencounter was on the 2 7th, with
Lt. Col. Washington, at the head of his regular corps of
horse, between the ferry on Ashley river and Rantowle's
bridge on Stono. The Americans had the advantage, took
seven prisoners, and drove back the cavalry of the British
legion ; but, for want of infantry, durst not pursue them."" 28th March. The enemy crossed Ashley river in force,
two miles above the ferry, and drove our small pickets, sta-
tioned on this side, down." [McIntosh.]
" 29th March. The English army crossed Ashley river
twelve miles above the town." [De Brai m.]
" 29th March. We are informed to-day that the enemy,
or at least a picket of them, have crossed Ashley river at
Drayton Hall. This shows that they have found it difficult