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Reviews/Essays | Walker & James, Publishers | 1853
enter into the General's plan to engage seriously, and as, in
fact, there was no valuable purpose to be answered, he did not
send them at that time." [Col. John Laurens.]
31st March. Learned that Col. Laurens with his light
infantry had a skirmish with the enemy on the Neck. His
party consisted of about 130 men ; was reinforced by Col.
Tennant with 120 more, and drove the enemy, who fired
about a dozen cannon shot, one of which killed Capt. Bow-
man, of Gen. Hogan's brigade. We had six men wounded
in the affair, besides Major Hyrne, who fell from his horse,
and left his hat on the field. This was afterwards taken from
the head of a dead yager, when the enemy retreated. Col.
Laurens did not return any cannon shot." [Journal of Moses
" 1st April. Fine weather. Our troops employed as yes-
terday. All quiet on both sides. Charleston militia ordered
from the Bay to the right of the lines—first time." [Mc-
" 1st and 2d April. The enemy's works were a little
extended, and ours augmented." [De Brahm.]
" 1st and 2d April. Col. Neville arrived from Woodford's
brigade, with despatches for the General. . . . Friday night,
about 10 o'clock, a deserter from the enemy swami across
Wappoo, which occasioned an alarm in our lines, and spread
through the town. The deserter says that Sir H. Clinton
was wounded in the hand, and General Leslie mortally, on
the 30th inst. ; that the enemy's main body was on the
Neck ; says that Mr. Farr is treated with great contempt by
the British officers, who oblige him to work with the fatigue
parties. Another deserter says Clinton is wounded in the
hand, and Cornwallis ' in the head ; that he has heard several
of the British officers say they almost despair of being able
to take Charlestown." [Moses Young.]
2d April. The enemy very busy on Saturday night with
boats in Ashley river, supposed to be sending stores and pro-
visions from James's Island to the army on the Neck. Same
night they opened their trenches at the distance of about
1000 yards from our lines. Another deserter says they have
sixteen 26 pounders ready to mount there." [Moses Young.]
" 2d April. Foggy morningthe enemy very busy the