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Reviews/Essays | Walker & James, Publishers | 1853
two last nights throwing up their works and entrenchments,
which are seen this morning very plain from our lines. One
redoubt is nearly opposite our nine gun battery on the right
of the horn-work, and another a little to the left of the horn-
work, about 1000 yards distant. Their shipping lie off the
bar very quiet. Our allowance of beef shortened, and sugar
ordered in lieu thereof. Guard altered, &c." [McIntosh.]
" 2d April. On the night of the 1st to the 2d inst., the
enemy erected three works, about half a mile from our lines.
We fired a few shot at them, I believe, with very little effect."
[John Lewis Gervais.]
" 3d April. This morning another work appeared to their
right, towards Ashley river, about Cannon's place. A deserter
came in, also, who reports that the day of the skirmish, Lord
Sinclair was mortally wounded." [John Lewis Gervais.]
" 3d April. This morning, the battery (F) was discovered
upon a height at Hampstead ; a battery of four pieces was
constructed on our right to oppose that of the enemy from
which, as from all the others, a continual firing of shot and
bombs was kept up the following night along the lines." [De
" 3d April. Though our cannon have been continual)
playing upon the enemy since Friday
night, it does not seem
to retard their works ; they are busily employed day and
night in completing the two redoubts above mentioned, and
erecting another on our left, nearly opposite battery No. 4,
about the same distance with the others from our line." [Mc-
" 3d April. Mr. Seagrove arrived on Monday, with an
account that Gen. Woodford's brigade was at Camden, on
Wednesday, the 29th March, and would be within 40 miles
of town on Monday evening." [Moses Young.]
" Capt. Whipple dined with Col. Laurens, and proposed
that he should be authorized to take an exact account of the
quality and quantity of provisions in Charlestown, for which
purpose he would take with him the pursers of the fleet;
offered to lay a bet that we had not salt provisions for 40
days. 38 of his own crew now in the hospital ; 2 of them
died yesterday." [Moses Young.]