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Reviews/Essays | Walker & James, Publishers | 1853
"5th April. Very little firing from our lines on Wednes-
day (5th). In the evening the enemy sent 2 galleys about
two-thirds across Ashley river, and began to cannonade about
8 o'clock, being very dark. Their object seemed to be our
battery, No. 1, on Coming's Point, where the 3d South-Caro-
lina regiment is posted. Their shot were 24'and 32 pound-
ers, and struck the following houses in town, viz : Mr. Fergu-
son's, the General's, Alexander Rose's, Col. Merridan's, Mr.
Lowndes's, the Magazine,_ Mr. Shubrick's, Mr. McQueen's, a
small house in King-street, near Mr. Wills's, Mr. Demong's, a
house in Horibeck's alley, one near Mr. Gervais's
Mr. Morrow, of the militia grenadiers, was killed by a 24
pounder, as he stood at his own door in King-street, and one
of Capt. Warley's men wounded in the shoulder. A few shot
were returned by Capt. Pines, from battery No. 2 on Com-
ing's Point." [Moses Young.]
5th April. Last Wednesday night, 5th April, the enemy
detached 50 horse and 500 foot, to surprise our cavalry at Mid-
dleton's place ; they went by way of Dr. Gardens and came
out at Tom Smith's ; entered Col. Washington's encampment
with fixed bayonets, found the fires burning, but no troops.
The Colonel had taken the precaution to remove to the 23
Mile House, being apprehensive the enemy had received infor-
mation of his situation from two deserters who left him the
night before. The British, being disappointed, commenced
their retreat, and Col. Washington sent a party of his horse
after them, who picked up three of the enemy's rear guard."
[Moses Young.]
" 6th April. The fire of the batteries and the works con-
tinued as before. To-clay the reinforcements ueder General Woodford arrived." [De Brahm.]
" 6th April. The enemy approached from their centre re-
doubt, and erected a battery of five guns opposite, upon the
angle between our batteries No. 11 and 12. Our cannon and
mortars played briskly and were well directed, all last night
and this day ; and were doubly retorted upon us during the
night from their gallies and batteries upon Wappoo Neck, as
"Gen. Woodford, with his brigade, came into the garrison
from Addison's ferry, over Cooper river ; and some North-Car-