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Reviews/Essays | Walker & James, Publishers | 1853
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olina militia under the command of Colonel Harrington."
`` 6th April. Thursday, (6,) Capt. Crawley's galley was
mantled with 2 guns, and in the night the enemy's gallies
again cannonaded us. The same night the enemy raised a
covert way betvven their works on the Neck, as they did also
some nights ago at Wappoo." [Moses Young.]
6th April. Friday, at 10 o'clock, General Woodford's
brigade arrived in Charleston, consisting of about a thousand
men,* very fine looking troops, the sight of wheni made an
amazing alteration in the countenances of the citizens, who had
almost despaired of their arrival. In the afternoon, the lines
were manned, and a fey de joie was fired from 13 pieces of
cannon, followed by three huzzas from the troops. The Charles-
ton militia were ordered from the right of our lines to take
post on South Bay ; the Virginia troops supplied their place.
The enemy have not yet been able to mount a single gun on
the Neck. The inhabitants very busy in throwing up banks
of earth against their dwelling houses to secure them from the
British shot. The wind fair for the enemy's shipping. Col.
Laurens surprised that the British Admiral does not make
use of the present opportunity. . . . Two horses belong-
ing to Gen. Mclntosh's aids, killed last Thursday night. Capt.
Warley tells me that a few of the 3d regiment of South-Car-
olina, are in the small-pox on board the Hospital Ship ; only
five or six of the officers of that regiment have had the dis-
order. The enemy strong in works at Wappoo, which, Colonel
Laurens says, is naturally very defensible, and they have been
.at great labour to preserve their communication between the
army on the Neck and stores on James Island. The late rein-
forcement from the Northward, ( Virginia, be it renambered,)
have bad the small-pox. Mr. Owen's wound healed up, but
very painful. His late fatigue on the lines has hurt him
much." [Moses Young.]
"6th April. Last night about 9 o'clock, the enemy began
to cannonade the town from Four or five willies and their bat-
teries at Wappoo Cut. They wounded one man of the 3d
regiment at the battery at Coming's Point. The widow

* About 700 says Moultrie. --[Ed.