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Reviews/Essays | Walker & James, Publishers | 1853
sources,—in such circumstances, we should not lose an hour
Ionger, in attempting to get the continental troops, at ]east,
out--while we had one side open yet over Cooper river—upon
whose safety, the salvation, not only of this State, but some
others, will (may probably) depend. The General said he
only desired (and which, I think, all the gentlemen seemed
to acquiesce in now) that we should consider maturely of the
expediency and practicability of such a measure, by the time
he would send for us again ; and the cannonade, mentioned
this morning, from the enemy, beginning, broke up the coun-
cil abruptly. Gov. Rutledge and part of his council went
over to Cooper river about 12 o'clock this day. Between 9
and 10 this morning, the enemy opened all their guns and
mortar batteries at once, (being the first time they fired upon
the town, or our lines upon the front) and continued a furious
cannonade and bombarding, with little intermission till mid-
night ; their batteries from Wappoo playing upon the left
flank of our lines and the town, at the same time, and their
gallies from Wappoo Creek, during the night, as usual ;
which we returned smartly from our lines, and we presume
with good effect. A sergeant and private from North-Caroli-
na killed, and some women and children in town ; the houses
were much damaged and two were burned down near General
Moultrie's, Ansonboro, by carcasses, of which they threw sev-
eral from ten inch mortars. Their cannon are chiefly 24
pounders, opposite our lines, and 36 pounders upon Wappoo ;
their mortars from 5 to (ten) thirteen inches. One embra-
zure at sedan No. 7, destroyed ; and also a 26 pounder in the
latter dismounted, with some other smaller damages." [Mc-
14th April. A slow fire was kept up on both sides last
night. The approaches of the enemy a little advanced. The
enemy's gallies (9) fired all night. He commenced another
battery (N) opposite the town, on the banks of Ashley river."
[De Bralzm.]
" 14th April. The enemy are approaching fast upon the
right, and keep up an incessant fire from the small arms, can-
non and mortars. A sergeant of North-Carolina killed by a
cannon ball ; also two matrosses of South-Carolina, and one