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Reviews/Essays | Walker & James, Publishers | 1853
ing a large body of the enemy posted in their way, they had
not a sufficiency of boats to cross the Santee before they might
be overtaken by the whole British army." A capituation was
recommended in preference. In other words, lest the enemy
should take us vi et armis, we will surrender. Whether,
without cavalry, in which the British were not strong, they
- could have got to the Santee, is another question.
" 22d April. Fire from the batteries as usual, and more
from the musketry than ever. This morning (21) a parley
was sent the enemy, and the answer returned about 9 o'clock
in the evening." [De Brahrn.]
" 22d April. Our ration this day ordered to be reduced to
4 lb. of beef. Lieut. Col. Laurens, with his light infantry, to
return from Lempriere's to town, and resume his former post.
The enemy keep up a heavy cannonade, and approach fast on
our left, in front of the advanced redoubt, or half moon battery.
Three men wounded, &c. They made several boyaux from
their second parallel." [McIntosh.]
From the manuscript journal of an unknown officer, who
calls himself a Subaltern, we have the following only partially
legible paragraph :
" Sent for by to come to town without baggage.
Arrived in the evening. Heavy firing from both sides. The
approaches towards our works carried on briskly by the enemy.
Much execution done by their shells, which are thrown upon
every part of our lines. The number killed and wounded
difficult to be ascertained. From the 21st it was allowed
there were fifteen lost each day from the continentals. . . .
Alarm this night ; the enemy approaching to .our gate and
appearing in column, as if intending a storm. A heavy can-
nonade from our lines. The soldiers on the right beginning
to fire, it ran through the ranks, and for a few minutes, one
continued roar from the cannon and small arms. Sergeant
of Parker's, killed by a shell this day." [Subaltern.]
" 22d April. Approaches continued on our left in front of
the advanced redoubt. The enemy kept up a heavy cannon-
ade. Three men wounded." [Moultrie.]