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Reviews/Essays | Walker & James, Publishers | 1853
priere's was evacuated, and taken possession of by the enemy
to-day. It was not until this moment that Charlestown was
completely invested ; the English having possession [now] of
James Island, Wappoo, Charleston Neck, Hobcaw Point, and
his fleet anchored in the roadstead before the town." [De
28th April. Two deserters from the enemy, at Hobcaw,
brought over by our troops. We saw the British flag flying
at our late ' post, Lempriere's. Major Low and several supe-
numerary officers quitted the garrison over Cooper river. The
enemy very busy throwing up their third parallel, within a
few yards of our canal, which is most plain is above 100
yards from our breastwork.
" Our fatigue hard at work, enclosing the horn work. The
few negroes remaining in town are obliged to be pressed daily,
and kept under guard, as the masters, as well as the slaves,
were unwilling they should work. Two privates killed ;
Lieut. Campaign, of North-Carolina, and two privates, wound-
ed." [McIntosh.]

A letter of this date, (28th April) from John Lewis Ger-
vais, at Georgetown, which is now before us, embodies a lively
summary of events in Charleston, as they would be likely to
traverse the country on the wings of rumour. We only quote
from this letter those portions which relate to the seeming or
promised resources in other parts of the State.

" During the course of this week, we are in hopes we shall
have 1500 or 2000 men on the other side of the Santee... .
By our last advices, Gen. Caswell was, with 1000 men, near
Col. Thomson. Gen. Williamson was expected last Sunday
at Orangeburg, with 900 men—say 600. General Caswell's
second division was said to be at Camden ; Col. Thomson was
at Orangeburg with 200 men ; and 400 Virginia continen-
tals—I believe Gen. Scott's brigade—were said to be at Nel-
son's Ferry, and our horse at that place and at Murray's Ferry.
They are all ordered to rendezvous at Lanneau's Ferry,-with
all the militia that can be collected from Pedee, and Richard-
son's former brigade—for he resigned long ago. We hope to