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Reviews/Essays | Walker & James, Publishers | 1853
" 7th May. Negotiations continued. Various conjectures
concerning the acceptance or rejection of our proposals." [Su-
" 7th May. As usual. This morning, at 8 o'clock, Fort
Moultrie capitulated. A sixty gun ship joined the English fleet." [De Brahm.]
" 7th May. The conditions demanded by the American
commander being deemed higher than he had a right to ex-
pect from his present situation, they were rejected, and hostilities renewed." [Tarleton.]
" 8th May. As usual. Another redoubt (C) " was corn-
menced last night, in rear of our left line. This morning the
enemy sent a parley again to demand the town. The truce
was prolonged throughout the whole day. In a council of
war, composed of all the officers of the general staff, it was
resolved by a majority of votes to propose a capitulation."
[De Brahm.]
" 8th May. A second summons from Sir Henry Clinton,
informing us of the fall of Fort Moultrie, and that the re-
mains of our cavalry were cut to pieces the day before yes-
terday. The embrazures of the enemy's batteries of third
parallel opened last night. Our meat quite out ; rice, sugar
and coffee served out." [Moultrie.]
" 8th May. Truce continued till 8 o'clock in the evening.
Our proposals were rejected, and hostilities commenced at the time above mentioned. * * * Although it was a-
that the subsistence of the garrison must depend entirely
upon what rice was concealed in town by the inhabitants, for
private (use), and this quantity known to be but small, yet
some persons were clear for opposition, and insisted upon such
terms as they were certain would not be complied with, yet
ignorant of the most distant means of succour or resource.
These people, consisting chiefly of those who were possessed
of property in the town, joined only by two continental land,
and one naval officer, outweighed the council and renewed the fire." [Subaltern.]
The fire was not renewed before the 9th of May, though
our Subaltern, in a sentence which we omit, describes it as
having followed the same day, and being continued, without