Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Biography | Geo. F. Cooledge & Brother | 1847
Transcription ADVERTISEMENT.
THE works consulted in the preparation of this volume
are " The true Travels, Adventures and Observations
of Captain John Smith in Europe, Asia, Africke and
America," Stith, Beverley, Burke, Purchas, Gra-
hame, Bancroft, Collections of the Massachusetts
Historical Society, and the neat and well-written Life
of Smith, by Mr. Hilliard, contained in the Library
of American Biography. As much of Smith's own
language as could be employed has been made use of
without scruple, and with little alteration. It has been a
favorite part of the plan of the present volume to make
the account of the Discovery, Settlement and Progress
of Virginia as copious as possible, consistently with
the claims of the biography.