Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Biography | Geo. F. Cooledge & Brother | 1847
Transcription TABLE OF CONTENTS.
JOHN SMITH, born in Lincolnshire, England—good family—left an orphan at an early age—education neglected by his guardians—apprenticed to a merchant of Lynn—leaves him and goes to France—serves in the Low Countries as a soldier—embarks for Scotland—is wrecked and narrowly saved from drowning—falls sick, and becomes a hermit in Lincolnshire. w 9
Revisits the Low Countries—robbed by certain French gallants—duel with one of them, whom he wounds—received with kindness by the Earl of Ployer—takes ship for Italy—is thrown overboard by the Catholics in a storm—saved on St. Mary's Isle—is taken off by a French vessel, and sails for Egypt—fight at sea between the French and a Venetian —Smith travels over Italy—goes to Austria, and joins the Imperial army. 23
Smith attracts the notice of the Imperial officers—siege of Olympach—he devises a scheme for the relief of the place—his telegraphic communication with the besieged by means of torches—it succeeds—battle with the Turks—relief of Olympach—Smith is rewarded by a command of horse in the regiment of Meldritch. 33
Siege of Alba Regalis—" Fiery Dragons" of Smith—their effect—the city taken by storm—Turks approach for relief 1