Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Speech | The University of Arkansas Press | 1996
crucial encouragements, and for introducing me to his
Arkansas colleague Miller Williams, who has been invaluable
in seeing this project into print.
To Professor James Meriwether, I am grateful for training
in textual matters, and for general good advice.
To David Aiken of Charleston Southern University,
I tender thanks for helpful discussions of Simms and his
From Allen Stokes and the manuscripts staff at the
South Caroliniana Library, University of South Carolina,
where Poetry and the Practical is housed among an extensive
collection of Simms manuscripts material, I acknowledge
courteous service spanning more than two decades.
From Joseph Luke Day and Penn Perry of the graduate
program in English at the University of Georgia, I acknowl-
edge excellent help in preparing the final typescript.
Lastly, Donald Davidson's remarkable, wise essay
"Poetry as Tradition," Wendell Berry's Standing by Words,
and John Jordan's treatment of Shelley's "Defense" have
given me insights into poetry which have informed the
broader context of my introduction.