Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Series Preface

Novel (Romance) | The University of Arkansas Press | 1997
William Gilmore Simms needs to be read to be appreciated, and he can
be neither read nor appreciated unless his works are made available.
Thus I am pleased to edit for the University of Arkansas Press Selected
Fiction of William Gilmore Simms: Arkansas Edition, beginning with Guy
Rivers: A Tale of Georgia. Selected Fiction will include novels originally
designated by Simms as Border Romances, selected novels from his
Revolutionary War Series, his three novels dealing with pre-colonial and
colonial warfare with Native Americans, and several volumes of his best
shorter fiction, including The Wigwam and the Cabin. In these volumes,
Simms depicts the American frontier from pre-colonial times in
sixteenth-century Florida in its ever-westward movement across the
Appalachian Mountains to the Mississippi River Valley in the early nine-
teenth century.
Though the Arkansas Edition of Simms will not be a critical edi-
tion in the strictest sense, the principles in establishing copy-text are
those recommended by the Committee on Scholarly Editions of the
Modern Language Association. For each volume copy-text has been
selected under the following procedures: (1) if the author issued a
revised edition, such edition becomes copy-text; (2) if there was no
revised edition, the original publication is the copy-text; (3) if a critical
text (established under CEAA or other comparable standards) exists,
such text is the copy-text. In each volume of Selected Fiction there will
be explanatory as well as textual notes, with a list of the more significant
substantive revisions made by the author in preparing the text for a
revised edition. Simms's nineteenth-century spelling remains unmod-
ernized; all emendations in the text of typographical errors, redundan-
cies, or omissions are recorded.
Each volume will contain both an introduction and an afterword. I
am indebted to the University of Arkansas Press for permission to
incorporate relevant portions of my Simms: A Literary Life for the
introductions; the afterwords analyze the works by Simms in more
detail and depth than was possible in the limited scope of a biography.
* The Preface to the Arkansas Edition and William Gilmore Simms Chronology were originally published in William Gilmore Simms, Guy Rivers: A Tale of Georgia, ed. John Caldwell Guilds, Fayetteville: University of Arkansas Press, 1993.