Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Simms Chronology

Novel (Romance) | The University of Arkansas Press | 1997
1806 Born in Charleston, South Carolina, April 17, the son of
William Gilmore Simms, an Irish immigrant, and Harriet
Ann Augusta Singleton Simms
1808 Mother died; left in the custody of his maternal grand-
mother by his father, who, frustrated by personal tragedy
and business failure, deserted Charleston for the Southwest
1812–16 Attended public schools in Charleston
1816 At age ten made momentous decision to remain in Charles-
ton with grandmother rather than join now-wealthy father
in Mississippi
1816–18 Concluded formal education at private school conducted
in buildings of the College of Charleston
1818 Apprenticed to apothecary to explore medical career
1824–25 Visited father in Mississippi; witnessed rugged frontier life
1825 Began study of law in Charleston office of Charles Rivers
Carroll; edited (and published extensively in) the Album, a
Charleston literary weekly
1826 Married Anna Malcolm Giles, October 19
1827 Admitted to bar; appointed magistrate of Charleston; pub-
lished two volumes of poetry; first child, Anna Augusta
Singleton Simms, born November 11

1832 Anna Malcolm Giles Simms died, February 19; made first
visit to New York, where he met James Lawson, who
became his literary agent and lifelong friend
1833 Published first volume of fiction, Martin Faber: The Story
of a Criminal