Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Simms Chronology

Novel (Romance) | The University of Arkansas Press | 1997
Transcription CHRONOLOGY
1850 Published The Lily and the Totem, or, The Huguenots in

1851 Published Katharine Walton: or, The Rebel of Dorchester. An
Historical Romance of the Revolution in Carolina and Norman
Maurice; or, The Man of the People, An American Drama
1852 Published The Sword and the Distaff; or, "Fair, Fat and Forty,"
A Story of the South, at the Close of the Revolution (retitled
Woodcraft); The Golden Christmas: A Chronicle of St. John's,
Berkeley; As Good as a Comedy; or, The Tennesseans Story;
and Michael Bonham: or, The Fall of Bexar. A Tale of Texas
1853 Published Vasconselos. A Romance of the New World and a
collected edition of Poems
1855 Published The Forayers or the Raid of the Dog-Days
1856 Published Eutaw. A Sequel to The Forayers . . . ; Charlemont
or The Pride of the Village. A Tale of Kentucky; and Beau-
champe, or the Kentucky Tragedy. A Sequel to Charlemont;
disastrous lecture tour of North, in which he voiced strong
pro-South Carolina and pro-Southern views
1858 Death of two sons to yellow fever on the same day,
September 22: the "crowning calamity" of his life
1859 Published The Cassique of Kiawah. A Colonial Romance
1860 Vigorously supported the secessionist movement
1862 Woodlands burned; rebuilt with subscription funds from
friends and admirers; birth of last child, Charles Carroll
Simms, October 20
1863 Chevillette Roach Simms died September 10: "bolt from a
clear sky"

1864 Eldest son William Gilmore Simms, Jr., wounded in Civil War
battle in Virginia, June 12; most intimate friend in South
Carolina, James Henry Hammond, died November 13