Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Novel (Romance) | The University of Arkansas Press | 1997
Transcription CHAPTER TWO 11
Mattie's eyes filled with tears, while Sam Fuller dropt the butt of his
rifle upon the ground, and indulged in an unfrequent chuckle, half
under breath.
"And you laugh, Sam Fuller," said his wife, indignantly.
"What would you hev me do knock him down shoot him? Ef I
did, you'd be the first to hev your claws in my cheeks in short order.""But you know it's not true, Sam.""Well, Mattie, I'll consider about the truth of it, and find an answer
for you when I come back! I'll put out, Mike, and we'll look for you
to-morrow. Here, dogs.
And, sounding his horn to the dogs, Sam disappeared, leaving to
brother and sister to settle the discussion as they might.
"Oh! Mike, how could you say such things of me, and to my own
husband, too?""And how could you say such things of Rose Carter, and my own
sweetheart, too?""I'll say no more about her!""That is well; for, Mattie, to speak plainly, I will not hear anything
more said in her disfavor, though by my own sister. Be sure of this, that
my heart is bent on her only, and I'll get her if I can."
He left the apartment as he spoke, retiring to his own. Mattie solilo-
quised, sotto voce, after he had disappeared:
"Ef he marries her, there will be no living in the same house with
her! My poor, foolish brother, to be so taken with such a fool-woman
and a pretty face. He'll find her out when it is too late. She's awful