Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Novel (Romance) | The University of Arkansas Press | 1997
Transcription CHAPTER THREE
"How we rode together, three, One too many, well I ween;
For still one would ride between Opportunity and me!"
STRONG MAN as he felt himself, bold of spirit and brave of heart, and with a confident will to rule in his own domain, as he had expressed himself to his sister, it was yet with no small solicitude that
Mike Baynam made his toilet that morning. His heart was, in truth, too
greatly interested in the prosecution of his suit to be neglectful of his
personal appearance. It may be said, here, that this suit had been enter-
tained, if not urged, for several months. It had been shown by frequent
visits and earnest attentions, though nothing had been said in words.
His eyes may have spoken much, but even his self-esteem could not jus-
tify the hope that he had made any progress in the affections of Rose
Carter. She was free and easy in his presence, welcomed him with cheer-
ful smiles and a cordial manner, but he could not deceive himself as to
the fact that such was her general behavior in the company of other
gallants. Strong man as he was, he was yet too modest to assume the
confident lover. He was shy in her presence shy, indeed, in making
any ardent approaches to her heart. His very solicitude made him diffi-
dent, and though he had spoken so bravely to his sister of his purpose,
he was yet doubtful about his success, and his heart sank within him
whenever his passion moved him to an avowal of his love. The dialogue
with his sister almost resolved him, this very day, to ascertain his fate,
and so he felt while making his toilet.
Coming forth in a new suit, with his finely-fringed hunting shirt,