Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Novel (Romance) | The University of Arkansas Press | 1997
Transcription CHAPTER THREE 13
with double capes, well fringed also, and with his fur cap, jauntily set
on one side of his head, his sister exclaimed, with pride:
"Well, really, Mike, it would be wonderful if any woman should say
no, to your axing.
"Do you think so, Mattie?""Yes, indeed, Mike, you're about the best looking man, I think, I ever
did see. You look fit to be a general.""And yet you think that Rose Carter will refuse me?""I don't say that, Mike, but, as I know her, I do think 'twould be
much better if she did!""So don't think I, Mattie! and I mean to try, and this very day, too, I
reckon. We'll see how we get on together first. Pray, my good sister, that
I shall be in luck to-day.""Not while there's much better fish for catching in the river.""Good-bye, Mattie. If I can only hook my fish, I'll take my chance
for the sort of fry hereafter.""I reckon that fish will keep you always in a stew!""Good for you, Mattie; but you are too much of an owl in your
singing. Good-bye, and pray for my success."
In a few moments he had mounted his horse, and, with rifle on his
shoulder, and with one dog following, he was quickly riding down the
mountain side. Martha followed him with her eyes till out of sight, then
turning into the cabin, she muttered to herself:
"It's a world of pities that sich a man should set his heart on sich a
thing as that! I kaint, if I tried, pray for his having any luck with her. I
know her. That one week she staid with us was quite enough. She's jist
as cunning as any fox, and she has the vanity of a peacock all vanity
and feathers.
"Poor Rose! and yet we shall see."
As Michael Baynam rode on, he mused over his sister's opinions and
his own fortunes. He bitterly regretted Martha's prejudices, which he
thought so unfounded, and attributed them all to those jealousies of
the sex, which are so apt to show themselves in women not pos-
sessed of beauty when the charms of another one yet compel their
"But," he said, "if we should marry if Rose will have me Mattie
will know her better, and her love for me will make her come to love
my wife!""My wife!" At these words he paused, and all his doubts and appre-
hensions were suddenly revived in full force.