Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Novel (Romance) | The University of Arkansas Press | 1997
Transcription CHAPTER FOUR 21
And the eyes were again covered by the handkerchief.
"Mike Baynam is a good man, ef ever there was one, and my word
for it, will make Rose the very best of husbands," quoth Aunt Betsy, per-
sistently returning to the immediate subject.
"I do not deny it, Betsy. From all that I have seen, I should think so.
He's a modest and sensible person."
And he's so handsome, mamma," said Rose.
"Handsome is that handsome does, my daughter," said the mother
"And Mike does the handsome, I tell you. I'm sure he always thinks
of us when he kills a fat buck.""If I have an objection at all, Elizabeth, it is that Mr. Baynam is a
hunter that he has no better business. Hunters are rarely good for
anything but hunting.""And a good business it is!""Do not interrupt me, Elizabeth. You have not the slightest idea of
what I meant to say.""Well, go ahead.""Go ahead! What a vulgar expression. Will you never improve,
Elizabeth?""I'm quite too old now, sister, for any schooling. In a short five years
ef you stops growing, I'll overtake you, you know; and at fifty-five it's
not so easy to cast off what we know already, an pick up new notions
in education.
This was hurling a great stone of offence at the head of the stately
lady. It was one of those inodorous comparisons which are apt to pro-
voke even ancient vanity, and Mrs. Carter looked at the offending sister
with stern eye and scowling aspect, but forbore speech for a few sec-
onds; then resumed as follows:
"I say that hunting, as a profession, is a poor business, generally ""Mike Baynam makes well of it.""Do not interrupt me, Elizabeth. It is an idle profession generally
hunters are apt to be great idlers; though I am willing to believe that
Mr. Baynam is an exception to the rule. But the more serious objection
to it lies in the fact that hunting is not a respectable profession in soci-
ety. Hunters are generally rude men, of bad manners, rough, uncourtly,
not knowing how to behave well in company, and society refuses to rec-
ognize them accordingly.""Mike Baynam is not a rude man, mother," was the response of
Rose. "He's really quite courtly and nice."
I do not say that he is not, my daughter. I spoke generally."