Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Novel (Romance) | The University of Arkansas Press | 1997
Transcription CHAPTER FOUR 25
"But how do you know that I'll dance with him at all?""What! not dance with Mike, even ef he axes you?""Why should I, if I happen to find some one to dance with whom I
like better? I'm sure there'll be a dozen there as good dancers as Mike.""Rose, Rose, you're quite wrong. And Mike's sich a friend. Surely,
Rose, you don't dislike Mike Baynam.""No; he's well enough. How often must I tell you that?"
Well, but Rose, that's not enough. You like him, I know.""It may be. I don't know. The fact is, Aunt Betsy, there's been so
many of these young fellows who look as if they wanted to ask me ""Well, there's several of them that has axed you.""Yes, but it's not so easy to make up one's mind; and mamma has
said, you know, that I have plenty of time, and she never married till
she was twenty or twenty-five. Was it not twenty-five, mamma, when
you married?"
The question was wickedly put. The mother answered with the
greatest solemnity. Questions leading to calculations about one's years,
are rarely grateful.
"I was but nineteen years, five weeks, and seven days old, and no
more, Miss Carter, when I entered into the sacred bonds of wedlock
with your late lamented father.""I thought it was more," quoth Rose. "Well, Aunty, what's it? What
again?""Why this! As I'm a woman born, I do believe that Mike Baynam
will pop the question to you to-morrow sometime.""Pop the question!" Mrs. Carter, sotto voce.
"Yes. Pop the question, I say; and I don't beat about the bush for
nothing. Now, what will you say to him ef he does?""I don't know, Aunty.""But you ought to know, Rose, by this time, whether you like him
enough to have him.""That depends upon how I feel, to-morrow, or when he pops the
question. I don't intend to let you hurry me, or let him do so. Mike is a
good fellow enough, and a handsome, but I may not be in the humor
at the moment.""Think of it, Rose, my dear, and don't be foolish. Good fellows are
not to be caught every day.""No; nor beauties either," was the self-complaisant reply; as, tossing
her ringlets haughtily, Rose Carter glanced at the mirror, and looked
quite satisfied with the picture which it displayed.