Wlliam Gilmore Simms
The Cub of the Panther: A Hunter Legend of the ''Old North State'' >> Book Second / Chapter One: The Melancholy Hunter >> Page 49

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Page 49

Novel (Romance) | The University of Arkansas Press | 1997
"Then the Lord, in his marcies, save the mountain country; for it
must need a great deal of saving! Salt can't save it against all that world
of sour!""Oh! aint you now ashamed of yourself to say sich spiteful things? I
talk! Why, Sam, you've said more this hafe hour than I've spoke in a
whole week!""Oh! Gimini! Well, Mattie, it's cl'ar to me that there's the most won-
drous difference between your ears and your tongue. It's a great pity
that one couldn't take the measure of the other. But let's hush it, for
here's Mike! The poor fellow's been out this breezy day, without coat or
cap. Ef he goes on at this rate, he'll hardly remember to put on his
breeches of a morning.""Don't you laugh at him, poor fellow; he's so miserable!"
That night she said to her husband:
"I mean to see for myself into these doings. I'll go down and pay a
visit to Betsy Moore. I owes her a visit. She's got all the sense of her whole
family; and she had one time a great liking for Mike, and we, too, were
always friendly. I'll see how the cat jumps. She'll tell me all I reckon. You
must let me have the mar (mare) to-morrow.""I tell you, Mattie, agin and agin, hev nothing to do or say in the
business. You women do more mischief, by meddling with match-
making, than the old devil himself; and nine in ten of the matches you
make hev brimstone at both eends."
She had her answer to this very rude speech, which had no effect upon
her determination. She was resolved to go, and go she did! Her interest
in her brother was no doubt the main reason for her visit; but she was
curious besides, and good Aunt Betsy Moore, being something of a gos-
sip, like herself, she naturally hoped for a fine time, and a vast fund of
information to be gleaned over the evening fireside, and doled out at
future evening firesides. She went on a conversational speculation.
Mike Baynam did not notice her absence or departure; and Sam
Fuller, on the hunt during the day, and undisturbed in his sleep during
the night, was scarcely conscious of any want in the household. Her
visit implied her absence both day and night, and we must accompany
her if we would share her satisfaction and knowledge.