Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Novel (Romance) | The University of Arkansas Press | 1997
Transcription CHAPTER SEVEN
AUNT BETSY, always on the alert, like any watch dog, was aware of the visit of Mike Baynam the moment he entered the court yard of the cottage. He had just alighted and laid down the carcass of the
deer at the foot of the little piazza, when she came out to meet him.
"Oh! Mike!" was the exclamation of the spinster; "what a noble
buck! Why, he's a rigilar two-hundred pounder! You killed him this
morning, I reckon?""And brought him, as you see, Miss Betsy, for Mrs. Carter and the
family. How's all the family to-day?"
Her countenance fell, as she replied evasively: "Well, Mike, you're a
good friend to the family; and, Lawd knows, we're all greatly obligated
to you. You've found us almost all the venison we've had to eat for the
whole year, to say nothing of the bar meat and the wild turkeys. It's
mighty good of you, I must say, Mike; and, Lawd knows, we ought to
be mighty thankful!""Well, Miss Betsy, if you'll get me a good knife, and give me your
help, I'll skin the buck, and quarter him for you at once.""You're so good, Mike!" was the reply, as she hurried into the house,
leaving him in the little piazza where this conversation had been car-
ried on.
As she entered the hall, having left the door partly on a jar behind
her, poor Mike had the satisfaction of listening to the following spicy
dialogue between Miss Betsy and Mrs. Carter, in which his self-esteem
was but indifferently consulted: