Wlliam Gilmore Simms
The Cub of the Panther: A Hunter Legend of the ''Old North State'' >> Chapter Seven: Doric and Corinthian in the Same Building >> Page 81

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Page 81

Novel (Romance) | The University of Arkansas Press | 1997
"And what hev you to say agin the provarbs? ain't they in the
Scripters too as well as Jonathan and David? You'd better lam your les-
son all through the book, Jane Carter, and not pick out of the Holy
Scripters only them parts that tickles the vanity of your fine friends;
hafe of whom will desarve to burn in hell fire when the time comes, ef
the Lawd ain't more merciful to them than they air to one another!""Oh! oh! my poor nerves! Betsy Moore, Betsy Moore, do you want
to drive me into insanity with your terrible tongue? Respect the nerves
of your sister, Betsy Moore!""Oh! hang the narves! You've nevir been a well woman, Jane Carter,
sence you found out from the doctors' books that you hed got narves
somewhere about in your skin. I thank the Lawd I hev no narves; none
to speak of; and none that I knows on.""Good Lord, deliver us! Oh!— h! h!""Needn't go on with your grunting, Jane Carter.""Grunting! Heaven save us!"
Never, in Mrs. Carter's opinion, was the vulgar nature of Betsy
Moore made so evident as in confounding with a grunt what was delib-
erately designed to be a sigh.
"Oh! oh! oh!""Well, grunt as much as you please, ef it does you any good, but you
needn't expect me to stand here and listen to you; I've other fish to fry.""Horrid! horrid! Other fish to fry!""Well, it's jist now this pint atween us, Jane Carter, to bring you back
to what's the matter in hand. Hyer, I tell you, is Mike Baynam, what's
brought you a fine buck, as fine a buck as you ever seen; and what am I
to say to him from you?""Oh! pay him, and let him go!""W-h-at?""Pay him, and let him go.""Why, Jane Carter, he brings it as a preticklar gift to you!""Gifts! We can accept no gifts from Mr. Baynam, Betsy Moore. We
must incur no obligations to him. Pay him, I say, and let him depart!
You may show him what special courtesies you will, but my relations
with him are of another sort. Pay him, I repeat, the price of the veni-
son, and let him depart.""Very good! very well! Most beautiful. It's a new lesson to larn, and
we must get a new book to study in, and that book won't be the Holy
Scripters! I tell you, Jane Carter, them colored feathers air growing on
the inside of your head, and will be the ruination of you. You'll git, in a