Wlliam Gilmore Simms
The Cub of the Panther: A Hunter Legend of the ''Old North State'' >> Chapter Seven: Doric and Corinthian in the Same Building >> Page 82

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Novel (Romance) | The University of Arkansas Press | 1997
Transcription 82 THE CUB OF THE PANTHER
leetle while, to be as crazy as a fowlcock with the blind-staggers!
Obligations to Mike Baynam, indeed! Why, Jane Carter, you've been
onder obligations to him for amost two years for all sorts of meat; and
when did you ever pay him, or offer him pay; and ef you ever did, when
did you ever know him to take the money? I swon, you're crazy enough
now to be put into a straight jacket, ef 'twant that you air so cussed
crooked in your head that nothing straight could ever be hed to fit you
any way!""Good Lord! good Lord! deliver us!""Well, I wish he would deliver you of the fool notions that's got pos-
session of you! `Pay him, and let him depart!'
Here the old maid mimicked the manner of the fine lady, and
"And how shall I pay him? where's the money to pay him?""Examine my purse. Distress me no longer, Betsy Moore, if you
would not behold me dead, fainting dead outright before you. You
would then be satisfied. Oh! my nerves!""Now, may that old devil take all the nerves that I ever haird ofl Well,
it's easy said `examine my purse.' Precious short will be the sarch in that
quarter! Look! thar's your purse, and ef thar's a copper in it, it's not
easy to my grip.""Good heavens! Betsy, whither has the money gone!""Ax the winds how it flew away; as ef money hedn't wings of its own!
But the last twenty dollars went to Kedlar Growing for your own morn-
ing cap, all ribbons of all colors, and for the red shawl you gin Rose only
last week.
"Crimson, not red; and the ribbons in my turban, not a cap, Betsy
Moore, had but two colors, green and crimson; the pattern was from
the Fire-worshippers.
"Well, two or twenty colors, that don't matter. The matter is the
money! Ef we're to pay for the buck, shell out.""Shell out! Heavens spare us!""Ay, fegs! shell out's the word! But ef the shells air empty, and the
inside of the nut gone, I reckon you'll hev to git back agin to the obli-
gations! Ef we're to pay Mike for his meat now, you must wipe out the
old score of obligations, gwine on for amost two years, to my sartan
knowledge. Now, do sister Jane for you air my sister, tho' you hev got
sich redickilous nerves try for onst, jist onst in a way, to git back your
senses and hyar to decent people, when they talk what's sensible to you.
Either you takes the venison, as a free gift from Mike Baynam, or you
don't take it at all. Thar's not a copper in your purse; thar's not a dollar