Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Novel (Romance) | The University of Arkansas Press | 1997
Transcription CHAPTER SEVEN
HOW DOES SHE get these letters to the post-office, Sweetzer? Have you found out that?""She used to slip them into the bag, ma'am, when it hung in the pas-
sage way; but I've found out that she meets Benny at the head of the
avenue, and puts it in the bag there. She thinks herself mighty sly about
it, ma'am, but she can't put the blink on my peepers.""How will you manage to get the next letter she sends?""Easy enough, ma'am. You see she's always mighty oneasy and fidgety
these times when she sends a letter; and she knows jist when Benny is
preparing for a start. That's always after his breakfast every Saturday, you
know. Well, then she sets out awalking, and she walks along the avenue,
but always behind the trees, and when she gits where the avenue turns
short round, there she stops till Benny comes. Now what we've got to
do is to start somebody out before breakfast, and let him take a stand
on the road, where it turns off by Childs's farm, a mile beyond that; and
when Benny comes up, let him stop the boy, and take out the letter.""Can you see to it, Sweetzer?""Only you say the word, ma'am; that's all.""Of course I say the word! Get that letter, one or more, and bring it
safely to me, and you shall have your reward."
Such was the conspiracy against the happiness of poor Rose. We
know that she has been writing letters to somebody, which involved a
secret and made a mystery of some importance. We see that she had