Wlliam Gilmore Simms
The Cub of the Panther: A Hunter Legend of the ''Old North State'' >> Chapter Eight: Lost! Gone! >> Page 149

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Novel (Romance) | The University of Arkansas Press | 1997
Transcription LOST! GONE! 149
"Shut in the windows, and get me some strong tea. That lying girl has
thrown me into a fever. But we'll be rid of her to-morrow. See to it,
Sweetzer. Let Tom have the carriage ready as soon as he has done his
breakfast. Take up some breakfast to her room. Let her not see me. I will
never look upon her face again. The cunning ."
We suppress the epithet.
Sweetzer promised obedience, and went about her offices; but the
next morning, by daylight, rushing into the room of Mrs. Fairleigh, she
cried out:
"She's gone, ma'am gone!""Who's gone, Sweetzer?" said the lady, waking up from sleep.
"Miss Carter, ma'am.""How gone?""She's not in her room, ma'am.""Had she slept?""It don't look so from the bed. It's hardly rumpled at all, 'cept as when
we laid her down on it, when she was a-faint.""Have you searched the house?""Searched every hold and corner, and thar's no sign of her anywhar.""Then let Tom and Boston go out and find her tracks.""Oh! ma'am, that's unpossible. It's been snowing all night, and thar's
no track any whar. All's kivered by the snow, and I reckon it's more than
three foot deep already, and the snow's coming down as of there was to
be no eend of it.""They must go and search, nevertheless. Let them go to the farm
of that woman, Hall, Childs I mean, and on the valley road to her
mother's, and if they fail to find traces of her on these tracks, let them
try the mountain path to the farm of these hunters what's their
name?""Mike Baynam and Sam Fuller, ma'am, I reckon you mean.""Yes, yes. Let them begone at once. It would be terrible if the poor fool
should perish in the cold."
Then, as Sweetzer disappeared, there was a touch of the woman
nature in her exclamation:
"Oh! Edward Fairleigh! Edward Fairleigh, my son, to what have you
brought your mother? And where is it to end? The miserable girl! How
unfortunate! But what presumption! To think of entering my family!"