Wlliam Gilmore Simms
The Cub of the Panther: A Hunter Legend of the ''Old North State'' >> Chapter Ten: The Midnight Summons >> Page 158

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Novel (Romance) | The University of Arkansas Press | 1997
Transcription 158 THE CUB OF THE PANTHER

"Well, Sam, I'd rather he'd grow tall like Mike. He looks mighty like
him in the face too.""Well, Mattie, I must say you've eyes to see what no man has ever yit
been able to find. Now, Goody, you take a good look at little Mike, and
then you look well at big Mike and me, and ef you don't say's he's my very
picture, then, I kin only say, the eyes in your head ain't of much service
in helping you seeing! Why, jist you look at little Mike's nose, thar! Now,
ax yourself whose nose is that cut out a'ter Mike's or mine?""Well, Sam, it does jist look like your'n it's got the same sort of turn
up at the eend.""My nose hain't got no turn up, Goody. Look again, and you'll see
little Mike's nose and mine both as straight as the barrel of my rifle.""Thank the stars, Sam," said Mattie, "that they're neither on 'em quite
so long. But you're right about one thing, Sam; baby's nose is straight!
There's no crook in it, Goody.""No; that's true, Mattie; I see it now! It's rigilar straight; but I think
thar's a leetle turn up at the eend of Sam's.""Oh! phibs, you're getting old, Goody, and don't see straight. It's the
crook in your eye. Nobody that ever seed me before, ever seed anything
turnuppy in my nose! That's my nose all over again. 'Taint like Mike
Baynam's a bit! And thar's the mouth who can claim that mouth bet-
ter, or hafe as well as me?""Well, Sam, I do agree that baby's mouth is jist like yourn. The very
picture of it, I may say.""And the eyes look at 'em, and say, ef they aint adzackly mine, all
over?""Oh, Sam!" said the wife, "don't be a'ter making a stupe of yourself.
Baby's eyes are right bright blue, and yours as black as a coal; and thar's
the color of the skin, Sam; it's a cl'ar red and white, and yours is brown.""That's all sunburn!""No, 'taint! Look at Mike's! He's jist as much in the sun as you air,
yet you sees how cl'ar red and white he is! And his eyes air blue, and he
and baby hev both got brown har, and yours is coal black!""Oh! his har will git black, too, as he grows older."
But jist look at his head! See what a broad, high forehead he's got,
and yours is low and narrow! I tell you, Sam, he's a'most the picture of
Mike, and I'm glad of it, for Mike's one of the handsomest men I ever did
see, and if he'd only git out of his sulks, he might stand up with any man
at all on this and th'other side of the mountains, too!"
Why, dean it, woman! ef you go on in this sort of calkilation, you'll