Wlliam Gilmore Simms
The Cub of the Panther: A Hunter Legend of the ''Old North State'' >> Chapter Ten: The Midnight Summons >> Page 160

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Novel (Romance) | The University of Arkansas Press | 1997
Transcription 160 THE CUB OF THE PANTHER
to leap from his bed across the floor, like a drunken man, heavily and
staggering along, until, in the darkness, he had reached the door of Sam's
chamber, and knocking loudly, called out with a voice full of tremor:
"Sam! Sam Fuller!""What's it, Mike?""Get up and bring your light!"
When Sam entered the chamber of Mike he was standing in the
middle of it, waiting for the light, his cheeks ashy white, his eyes staring
wildly, and one hand clenching his rifle, which, as if by instinct, he had
caught up, even before he sought his clothes.
"Why, God-a-mercy, Mike! what's the to do with you? You looks fair
skear'd out of your seven senses.""I have seen her, Sam!""Seen who?""Rose Carter!""The h ! you have! and whar?"
Sam held up the lamp as he spoke, and looked about the room as if
expecting to discover Rose in a corner.
"I have seen her plainly as I see you, Sam, and she ran to me with a
cry of terror, and called out three times to me `Oh! Mike Baynam, save
me! save me, Mike Baynam! save me if you ever loved me!'""Oh! you waur a dreaming, Mike. It's nothing but a dream! I reckon
you had the night-mar, for you was a-groaning bitterly in your sleep,
jist before you screamed out!""Did I scream? But I might well have done so, for I was terrified at the
sight of her terror! She rushed towards me and fell forward at my feet;
her arms stretched out, her hair flying over her shoulders, and her eyes
seemed ready to burst from their sockets. And her cry, 0! so pitiful!
'Save me, Mike, if you ever loved me!'"
Well you see, Mike, 'twas nothing but a dream! Thar's no Rose
Carter hyar.""But what a terrible dream! and all so distinct so vivid as if she
was wrapt in the moonlight! And then her voice so clear so shrill
it rings through my brain even now!""'Tis all come from your looking at the house of that rich old hag that
she lives with looking at the house and thinking over old times, and
then the night-mar, owing, perhaps, to the heavy supper.""I ate no supper, Sam.
"Well, that was so much the worse. You smoked pipe after pipe on