Wlliam Gilmore Simms
The Cub of the Panther: A Hunter Legend of the ''Old North State'' >> Chapter Ten: The Midnight Summons >> Page 162

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Novel (Romance) | The University of Arkansas Press | 1997
Transcription 162 THE CUB OF THE PANTHER
night, I might think something of it! But it's only your thinking by day
that makes your dreaming by night. It's your foolishness to give a thought
to sich a fool-girl as that, all vanity and feathers!""Hush! hush! Mattie! had you but seen that face of terror, and heard
those pitiful cries ""Nothing but your dreaming. I reckon the gal's a dreaming, too, jist
now, at this very hour, never once putting you in her dream, but jist a
dreaming sweetly of that young cock-sparrow, the fashionable young
squirt, Edward Fairleigh."
Mike turned as if stung by a serpent.
"Get to bed, Mattie! Go!"
And, with his self-esteem newly awakened, Mike Baynam closed the
door behind his sister and got into bed also.
And now, as if it were so decreed, he again sunk rapidly to sleep, to be
roused, within the briefest possible space of time, in the same manner as
"Thrice! thrice!" he exclaimed, leaping from the bed and thunder-
ing in the darkness at the door of Sam Fuller.
"Get up, Sam Fuller, if you be a man! Get up, dress, and go with me!
Thrice, thrice have I had this vision! I can endure it no longer! I can sleep
no more! I must go forth! That shrieking prayer it rings in my ears like
a bell of death! That pleading, pitiful, prostrate form, it pleads to me as
if with a prayer for life! Ever it sounds `Save me, Mike Baynam, if you
ever loved me!' It says nothing of Edward Fairleigh! The prayer is to me
me alone! And 0! when she cries, `My mother! my poor mother! how am
I to face my mother!' These were her words, ending ever with, `Mike,
0! Mike! save me, if you ever loved me!' Hasten, Sam Fuller! hasten! I
must go down to Fairleigh Lodge; I cannot rest till I know that she is
He had dressed himself in the dark. He had grasped his trusty rifle.
His couteau de chasse was in the belt at his side. He was at the door mak-
ing his way out, when Sam Fuller, half dressed, followed by his wife, came
forward, and questioned eagerly.
"Again! again!" was the reply to all his queries. "Thrice have I seen this
vision! Thrice have I been called to save her! It is no dream, I tell you!
There is some fearful tragedy going on, and I may yet be in time to save!
My God! why did I not go forth at first? It may be too late now! Follow
quickly, Sam Fuller, if you love me. I will hurry on to Fairleigh Lodge.""Shall I bring the dogs?" asked Sam.