Wlliam Gilmore Simms
The Cub of the Panther: A Hunter Legend of the ''Old North State'' >> Chapter Ten: The Midnight Summons >> Page 163

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Novel (Romance) | The University of Arkansas Press | 1997
Transcription THE MIDNIGHT SUMMONS 163
"Anything you will, but follow fast; I'm offl"
And he darted forward, into the blear moonlight, under that leaden
sky, the snow still falling, and deep silence hovering over all with bat-like
wing, significant of fate and doom.
"Gimini!" cried Fuller, as he hastened back to his chamber to prepare
"What a morning; snow so heavy and falling fast; and all for a dream,
owing to tobacco smoking, I reckon nothing else."
But, however reluctant, he obeyed. The superior wit and will of Mike
Baynam had long since coerced his own. And Mattie Fuller egged him
on. Solemnly speaking, she said:
"Three times warning, Sam three times! It's no common dream, I
tell you. Hurry, hurry! here's your coat!""My knife! whar's that?""Thar, you hev it, and thar's your rifle! Take the dogs, be sure. It's near
upon daylight, and, though you can't see the moon, her light's on the
snow. Now, be off, and keep close to Mike. It's near upon day, I reckon.""Bolt the door a'ter me, woman; rouse up Goody Waters, and see to
the baby. Git a good hot breakfast 'gin we come. Hyar, Tearcoat, Snap,
Bruiser, Swallow!"
The dogs came bounding out from under the house and began to give
tongue; but with the smart stroke of a whip, the wary hunter silenced
them, and with a sign he taught them to follow, and even to course, in