Wlliam Gilmore Simms
The Cub of the Panther: A Hunter Legend of the ''Old North State'' >> Chapter Twelve: ''The Jooks'' >> Page 171

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Novel (Romance) | The University of Arkansas Press | 1997
Transcription "THE JOOKS" 171
to be absent long. When he returned, Mattie Fuller came out of the
chamber and said:
"The child is born, Mike."
Whose child?" was the hysterical query.
"Rose's child.""Great God! why should Rose Carter have a child?""Hum!" responded Mattie, rather coolly "I reckon it's agreeable to
one law if not to another. The child is born, and a fine child it is —a boy
but rather small. I reckon the poor thing hadn't reached her full time.
The scare and the fatigue together, have been a-most the killing of her.
She's very low, and I think she's a-sinking fast.""You do not think she'll die?" he asked in low, husky tones, that still
declared for the lingering passion which harbored in his bosom.
"She's very feeble and very low. You'd better ride down as fast as you
kin, and let her mother and Aunt Betsy know."
Let Sam go. I can't leave her now.""Why, what good kin you do by staying here, Mike? You kain't be of
any service.
"Good! good! What good can any body do? I'll stay here, Mattie
This was said doggedly. Mattie knew him too well to fancy she could
move him in his present mood; so she sent off Sam.
But Sam had not compassed a fourth of the distance, when Mattie
came again from the chamber to her brother, who waited outside.
"She's going fast, Mike. There's little life left in her now. She's in no
pain now, but she kain't speak, and her eyes are shut. I reckon there's
some inward mortification; so Goody Waters thinks.""Great God! can nothing be done? The Doctor ""She'll be dead and cold long afore any doctor kin git to her. There's
no use, Mike. The poor young thing's not long for this world, hairdly
an hour.
"I must see her, Mattie now.
"What's the good of it, Mike?""Good! what's the harm?""To you, Mike. It will so onsettle you.""As if I were not unsettled now, quite as much as I shall ever be again.
There" and he pushed her aside and made his way into the chamber.
"She's gwine, Mike; but she's hardly breathing now," said Goody
Waters, in those whimpered tones which are so emphatic in the cham-
ber of death.