Wlliam Gilmore Simms
The Cub of the Panther: A Hunter Legend of the ''Old North State'' >> Chapter Fourteen: Catastrophe at Rosedale >> Page 181

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Novel (Romance) | The University of Arkansas Press | 1997
But, even as the widow sank and languished, there was a noise at the
door without an absolute outcry for
"Miss Betsy! Miss Betsy Moore."
The voice was that of Sam Fuller; but so much raised above its usual
modest and reserved pitch, from excitement, that Mrs. Carter exclaimed
partially recovering she had swallowed the drops:
"What monster is that? See to it, Betsy Moore. My poor nerves. See
and quiet the brutal creature."
Aunt Betsy proceeded to the door and encountered Sam Fuller.
"Well, Sam," began the good old lady, cordially, "how's Mattie and the
baby, and—"
Here something in the countenance of Sam silenced her speech.
"What's it, Sam; what's happened. You look ""Jist you step out here; out of the old lady's hearing," said Sam, as he
led the way to the opposite end of the piazza.
There was an interval of a few moments, when Mrs. Carter heard
nothing. But the silence was suddenly and sharply broken by a piercing
shriek from Aunt Betsy, who, in another moment, burst headlong into
the hall, her eyes wild and staring, her hands clasped, wrung, and
stretched out alternately, while her whole face was filled with conster-
nation and horror. Her excitement was too great for any pause in her rev-
elations, and before Mrs. Carter could get out the words:
"What can be the matter with you, Betsy Moore?" the other shrieked
"Oh! Jane Carter, Jane Carter, it's the worst business Rose has got
a baby.""A what, woman?""A baby! She's a mother, Laud hev marcy on us! She's a mother, and
she aint no wife. Oh, Laud! oh, Laud! The shame and the misery.""You infamous woman, what is it that you mean?""Sam will tell you all. Rose Carter's got a baby. She's at Sam Fuller's
she's laid in she's oh! the Lord deliver us! It's too awful to think
"Is the woman mad?""I'm a'most willing to be mad, Jane Carter. But you ax Sam Fuller.
Rose has got a baby all in the snow and she's froze up and she's
got to Mattie Fuller's Laud knows how the old Hag must ha' driv' her
out—sich a night and thar was the horrid painther a'ter her all the
night, ontil Mike Baynam killed it; and then the baby came Rose's