Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Novel (Romance) | The University of Arkansas Press | 1997
Transcription CHAPTER THREE
THIS ADVENTURE made quite a reputation for our "Cub of the Panther." Sam Fuller was loud in his praises, and dwelt earnestly on the wonderful coolness, presence of mind, quickness, agility, and sub-
tlety which were his marked characteristics. The veteran was disposed to
think that he had derived some of his qualities, by some mysterious
ordainings of nature, from the savage beast whose token was so con-
spicuous upon his forehead. We especially referred to the inflamed
appearance of its tawny outlines, whenever the boy's energies were
aroused and his spirit excited.
He grew to be a great favorite with all the professional hunters, and
those who knew of him only by report came out of their way to visit
Baynam, if only to see the boy who had so much aroused the public
But the reputation of the "Cub" was not suffered to rest upon this one
adventure, though so creditable to his courage and hunter character. He
soon stole out at times alone, and when the seniors either remained at
home or were engaged elsewhere, with his pet pony and his pet rifle,
armed also with his couteau de chasse, for he never rested until he had
procured one of rare excellence, which he always kept sharp as a razor.
He would take out one or more of the dogs, who now followed his call
as readily as they did that of the old hunters, and thus accoutered he
coursed the mountains and the valleys, gradually, day by day, extending
his province of exploration, while his comrade, young Fuller, or "Bayn,"