Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Novel (Romance) | The University of Arkansas Press | 1997
Transcription 284
Outline of The Cub of the Panther
When the "1847 Journal" is reversed, a single relevant sheet appears pen-
ciled on the recto. A rough yellowish-white wove page (part of a larger
gathering) contains the outline for the first six chapters of the novel. This
must have been written shortly before beginning composition of the
novel, for the page immediately preceding it is concerned with
Reconstruction, and six pages previous is a sheet with the names of the
characters in The Cassique of Kiawah (1859). The first book of The Cub
follows the outline closely.

The Cub of the Panther

C. 1. Mike or Michael Baynam
Sam Fuller— Husband
Martha Fuller f & wife
Dogs—Tearcoat & Snap, Swallow & Bruiser

C. 2. Ben Fitch to be married to
Polly Benton
Mike's Horse named "Go It!"
Rose Carter, Mike's sweetheart

Ch. 3. Rosedale Cottage
Aunt Betsy Moore 50 years.
Mrs. Mother Jane Carter 55 & an invalid

Chap 4. Family discussion

Chap 5. Squire Tom Blanton, Joe Scrymgeour,
Mahala Scrimgeour &c.

Ch. 6 Mr. Bulkley Mr. Farleigh.