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Novel (Romance) | The University of Arkansas Press | 1997
Transcription 288 TEXTUAL NOTES
what Simms meant the reading to be. Sometimes Simms finished a paragraph
in the middle of a line, and indented the next line in the normal manner. Then,
as an afterthought, he went back to the first line, put a paragraph symbol and
filled up the line, sometimes then interlining between that and the original new
paragraph. The first clause may have been an afterthought written in that way.
If this were the case, he simply did not delete the "and"; then that would be the
proper emendation.
165.7n degirus ] dignus: See below 165.7n
165.7n }Erodus ] Nodus: These seem to have resulted from the printer's not
being able to read Simms's hand when the words were unfamiliar Latin. Since
this is a quotation, there seems no choice but emendation, especially since the
"words" emended are not even in the Latin language. I capitalize the "N"
because Simms's "N" could have been mistaken for the tall digraph., and the
correct long "o" may have appeared to be the ligature between the "YE". Ars
Poetica, 191: Let not a god intervene, unless a knot worthy of a liberator
183.16 grave ] grave!: The obvious emendation is a period at the end of the
sentence. But the line immediately below has a single quotation mark and an
inappropriate exclamation point in the place of the proper double quote.
There is room for the punctuation at the end of the line after "grave." The
exclamation point must belong on the first line. (Cf. 183.17.)
183.17 Panther'! ] Panther": The quotation mark is mandatory to complete
the one before "Cub." The exclamation has fallen from the line above which
lacks any end punctuation. (Cf. 183.16.)
187.7-8 fate the, for ] fate for: It appears that Simms either lost track of
what he was writing or made some revision without completing his cancella-
tions. He would not have written the first "the" in this kind of construction
unless he meant it to be there, but the second one may be a simple inadver-
tence caused by the habit of putting an article with the word it modifies. I
delete the first "the."
192.8 Sam Fuller ] Bayn Fuller: This is the first instance of Simms's confusion
with the name of the "Cub." When Mattie and Sam Fuller's child is born,
Simms says the boy received the "high-sounding name of Michael Baynam
Fuller" (140.10). Then suddenly Mike Baynam gets a child whom he names
after himself, making three Mike Baynams. Simms temporarily forgot that the
Fuller child was not named for his father, for when the boys are fifteen years
old they get rifles for their birthdays with the initials "M. B." and "S. F." (196).
We know that "Young Mike" refers to the "Cub of the Panther" (196), not to
Mike Baynam Fuller. At 197.31 Simms again refers to the son of Sam Fuller as
"young Sam," but by 199.18-19 he realized his confusion and explained that
"little Mike Baynam, or young Sam Fuller" are one and the same person and