Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Novel (Romance) | The University of Arkansas Press | 1997
Transcription TEXTUAL NOTES 289
different from "our `Cub of the Panther.' He clears up the whole thing when
he explains that the "Cub" calls Mike Baynam Fuller "Bayn" (199.36; 203.23).
Therefore I emend young Sam Fuller to Bayn Fuller wherever it occurs. (Cf.
196.19; 197.31; 199.18.)
203.19 razor, he ] razor. He: Cf. 194.18.
210.13 opiana ] opima: Simms must have written "spolia opima" using the
accusative plural as the object of the participle. The phrase must come from
the Aeneid, "Insignis spoliis Marcellus opimis" (VI, 855), but the printer, not
knowing Latin and mistaking "im" for "ian," made the error. The "Cub"
brought home the "abundant spoils" of his excursion.
251.17 Baynam Fuller ] Baynam: Mike Baynam Fuller has become an hon-
ored Episcopal minister and was never a very good hunter as a boy. The
"Cub," or Mike Baynam, was the best hunter in the area, and he must be the
one Sam Fuller compared his sons to. Simms must have been in a hurry to tie
up the end of the book as is evidenced in the "five stalwart sons" which Mattie
Fuller had but who are never mentioned during the growing-up of Mike
Baynam Fuller and the "Cub."
In addition to the tearsheets from The Old Guard (housed in the South
Caroliniana Library) there are thirty-five leaves of manuscript; together these
form the copy-text for the Arkansas Edition. The manuscript is on coarse
brown paper of irregular sizes and shapes, measuring about 9 to 10% inches
by 4% to 6% inches, and numbered 229-54, 254%, 255-62. Written on wrap-
pers from newspapers and packages sent through the mail and addressed to
Simms at Midway and at New York, the sheets are bradded together in two
chapters. A brick-red wove wrapper inscribed as a new title page surrounds
the entire manuscript, reflecting Simms's expectation of the republication in
book form.
The following list of emendations omits regularizing of name spellings,
correcting dropped, turned, and wrong-font letters, and regularizing the
length of manuscript dashes. All other changes are listed; the first reading is
the copy-text. Asterisked entries are discussed in the Textual Notes.

*5.hd.2 Perched ] Perch'd (ms strike-through)
6.35 salutes ] salute
7.13 was ] were
8.17 rifle, ] rifle
9.5 Ben. ] Ben
9.7 Well," ] Well,
9.22 Blandon's ] Blanton's