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Dedication Page

Novel (Romance) | William Taylor & Co. | 1845 - 1846
Transcription VIII DEDICATION.
quently diseased appetites of the multitude. I need not say that, in the
perusal of what had been already written, I saw how much there was
that I could change for the better. But such an attempt would involve
an entire remodelling of the structure--a change of plan and purpose
of elements and attributes—of scenes, places and characters—and, in the
somewhat mournful language of Scott, in similar self-review, I resolved
to " let the tree lie where it had fallen." That tree, my dear sir, is at
your feet. I am not without my hope that you will find some fruits upon
its branches, which, if not of the richest flavor, or the noblest size, will at least possess a not ungrateful relish for your lips, and for those of our
very gracious public, to whom, as to a brother in the art, I commend your literary fortunes quite as frankly and sincerely as my own.

Very respectfully,
Your friend and servant,

-WOODLAND, South Carolina, May 1, 1845.