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Chapter VIII

Novel (Romance) | William Taylor & Co. | 1845 - 1846


                While generally considered to be one of Simms’s weakest novels, Count Julian; or, the Last Days of the Goth provides one of the most intriguing textual histories of any of the author’s numerous works.  Conceived as a sequel to Simms’s 1838 novel Pelayo, Count Julian continues Simms’s fictional treatment of Medieval Spain, dramatizing the legendary betrayal of Julian, Count of Cueta, an act that helped lead to the Muslim conquest of Iberia.  The work suffered from multiple delays in both composition and publication and was not published until 1845 or 1846, more than seven years after the appearance of its companion piece, Pelayo.  These delays seriously hurt the overall development and final quality of Count Julian, a fact of which Simms himself seemed keenly aware.