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Biography | Henry G. Langley | 1844
Second edition, in one vol. 12mo. Price 1 00, muslin.
Illustrated in the History of Gaul and France, from the earliest period to the present day. Translated from the French of Alex. Dumas, by an American.
" As a historian, our author has displayed eminent ability, as the work now before us abundantly testifies ; its style, moreover, is the most delightfully interesting that we remember ever to have met with."--Knickerbocker.
" The political theory of the work is original, striking, and beautifully developed."--Phila. Ledger.
"One of the most valuable as well as interesting compends that has appeared."—Boston Atlas.
" This work is one of the most valuable, as well as most attractive, historical compends that have been published for many years."—Courir'r and Enquirer.
" It is one of the most useful and readable books of the day ; full of striking and profound reflections, and enlivened by a style, the raciness and brilliancy of which no living French writer can surpass."— X Y. Commercial Aduertiser.
" We are glad of an opportunity to call the attention of our readers to this work in an English dress : a work, the most original in design, and at least among the most able in execution, of all contemporary productions."--New World.
" This work is a fit companion for the celebrated volumes of De Tocqueville, which have recently been issued in a splendid edition, by the same publishers."—Brother Jonathan.

New Complete Uniform Edition in three volumes. Price $3 75, muslin.
As an evidence of the great value of these popular writings on Physiological Science, it is sufficient to state, that over forty thousand copies of his several works have been sold since their first appearance in the United States. These works comprise a large amount of curious and valuable information, equally adapted for popular use, and the advar cement of science.
"If ever writer chose an attractive theme, 1tlr. Walker is certainly that writer. His volumes contain a vast fund of orn inal, profound, acute. curious, and amusing observation., highly interesting to all."—Landon Library . Gazette.
"A rich accession to our literature in every sense. The anthor comes to the performance of his work with qualificatioiis of a high order, and has sup-ported it with extensive philosophical research, and delightful attractions in illustrative anecdote "—Spectator.

Or, the Mode in which, and the Causes why, Beauty, Health and Intellect, result from certain Unions ; and Deformity, Disease, and Insanity from others. Illustrated by Drawings By ALEXANDER WALKER. With an Introductory Preface and Notes by an American Physician. Eighteenth Edition, in one vol. 12mo. Price $1 25, muslin.