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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription 4 THE SIMMS LETTERS 31 a : To JOHN P. BElLE'
N. York Sep. 10 [183512 dear John
Enclosed you have two letters, all that I can write at this moment, which you will do me the favour to deliver. I have also left the trunk at the Harpers' which you were good enough to promise to take on with you. You will please take care of it until I reach Charleston, and should that never be the case, pray hand it over to Mr. C. R. Carroll for my little daughter.' God bless, and be with you, my friend & a pleasant voyage.
Ever regardful, Yours
Simms J. P. B.
'Belle, who died in 1840, was a bookseller at 296 King Street, Charleston.
'This letter could have been written in any year between 1832, when Simms first visited New York City, through 1836, the year before his marriage to Chevillette Eliza Roach—if he had been married when he wrote the letter, he would surely have asked Beile to turn the trunk over to his wife. The date "(1835)" is written on the letter, possibly by Beile, and we have arbitrarily accepted it.
'The firm of J. & J. Harper (later Harper & Brothers) began publishing for Simms in 1832.
'After the death of his first wife, Anna Malcolm Giles, on Feb. 19, 1832, Simms and his little daughter, Anna Augusta Singleton, stayed for long periods at Clear Pond, one of the plantations in Barnwell District owned by Charles Rivers Carroll. See introductory sketch of the Carrolls.