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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription SEPTEMBER 1835 5
[September 29, 1835]z
dear Sir
Enclosed I send you a review of "The Linwoods" by Mr. Paulding. For this you will doubtless be grateful enough. Pray see to the careful correction of the press, for his hand is a difficult one, for printers as well as other people.' Accompanying the Publishers forward you a copy in sheets, of Paulding's ["]Letters from the South."4 They will be published next week. Put no signature to the review, nor, in any wise give it officially as his, though you may talk it over where you please else
Yrs &c.
29th. Sep. D. K. Whittaker Esq
'For Whitaker, see note 93, Sept. 20, 1843 (174), and note 168, Aug. 2, 1850 (545). In 1835 he was editor of the Southern Literary Journal, and Monthly Magazine (Charleston). Simms was a frequent contributor of poems, tales, articles, and parts of plays during the editorship of Whitaker (1835–1837) and that of Bartholomew Rivers Carroll, Jr. (1838). Some of his contributions are published under his name, others under the pseudonym "Linus," still others under initials, and some anonymously. One suspects that the magazine would have failed for lack of material if Simms had not been so prolific.
'The year is established by Simms' references to Paulding's works. See notes 3 and 4, below.
'"The Linwoods," a review of Catherine Maria Sedgwick's The Linwoods; or, "Sixty Years Since" in America, 2 vols. (New York: Harper & Brothers, 1835), was published in the Southern Literary Journal, I (Nov. 1835), 175-176.
'Paulding's Letters from the South, Written during an Excursion in the Summer of 1816, 2 vols. (New York: James Eastbum & Company, 1817), was republished by Harper & Brothers in 1835 as Vols. IV and V of an edition of Paulding's works. In his short notice of Paulding's Letters in the Southern Literary Journal, I (Nov. 1835), 207, Whitaker remarks that "we are indebted to the publishers for a copy of this very interesting work, transmitted to us, in sheets, before its publication in New-York."