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Transcription 12 THE SIMMS LETTERS
I speak. Pray, in the event of your writing me in this place, address to the care of "James Lawson, Esq."2 that your communications may not trouble any unnecessary hands. Your efforts should be chiefly addressed to the special circulation of 'R. H.' in the South-west. In Alabama, and particularly, Mississippi it strikes me, the circulation of the book will be much greater than you have anticipated. At least we may hope so.
Respectfully Yr obt Sert
W. Gilmore Simms E. L. Carey Esq
Monday Mg. [October 1? 1838]2 My dear Sir
I cover to you herewith a sheet of the verses, the only one yet given me by the Printers. Pray let me 'mind you—without desiring to be thought pertinacious—of the promise you made me to gather

if we attempt to give any idea of its merits by a quotation. It should be read and judged as a whole."'Lawson, one of Simms' very closest friends, was at this time vice-president of the Washington Marine Insurance Company. See introductory sketch of the Lawsons.
'Benjamin (see note 4, Jan. 7, 1843 11491) was at this time editor of the American Monthly Magazine.
'The year is established by Simms' reference to "a sheet of the verses, the only one yet given me by the Printers," and to his request for "copies of the Am. Mon. Magazine" (see notes 3 and 4, below). Since Simms is living in "lodgings," he obviously is in New York City, where he undoubtedly had gone to oversee the printing of Southern Passages and Pictures (New York: George Adlard, 1839) and Carl Werner, an Imaginative Story; with Other Tales of Imagination, 2 vols. (New York: George Adlard, 1839), both published late in 1838 and reviewed in the Dec. 22 issue of the New-York Mirror (see note 11, Mar. 30, 1839 [721). Apparently Simms was not planning a trip to New York City when he wrote Lawson c. Sept. 2 (69), but he did go and had evidently only recently arrived when he wrote to Carey on Sept. 25 (69a). He had to return to Charleston early in Oct. because of the death of his infant daughter, Virginia Singleton, on Oct. 10 (see letter to Lawson of Nov. 5 [701). We have therefore dated the letter Oct. 1, a Monday, though Oct. 8 is just as probable a date, and Sept. 24 is possible.