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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription 14 THE SIMMS LETTERS
your second edition of 'R. H.'5 is so nearly like that, as to make the difference of little importance; and, if so, 1 should prefer that you should make "H. V." identical in appearance with 'RH.' In sending me the proofs omit the title, or send some catchword at the head in place of it, so as to decieve any who may casually set eyes on the sheets.° Send duplicate sheets in successive mails, that, if one be lost, the other may take its place. This work will probably make 220 pages per vol. of the size of 'Mellichampe'. Pray send me two copies of the new edition of R. H. Let them be put up carefully & sent to the care of J. P. Beile—to whom I send this week the bundle of M.S. for you. Say to me in your next, at what time Miss Leslie will desire her contribution for "the Gift".7
Yrs Ever &c
Simms E L. Carey Esq.
(c. February 7, 1839]' dear Sir

The accompanying packet contains two stories submitted to Miss Leslie, from which she will make her choice, as my contribution
'The second edition of Richard Hurdis is dated 1838. We have been unable to determine the exact date of publication.
The secret of the authorship of Richard Hurdis was so well kept that apparently Simms' friend Bartholomew Rivers Carroll, Jr. (see introductory sketch of the Carrolls), did not know it. Carroll published a long, devastating review of the novel in his Southern Literary Journal, N. S., IV (Dec. 1838), 332-349, in which he remarks, "The work, as a whole, is certainly to be condemned in unsparing terms. . . . We like better the vein of our own novelist, Simms, who to a few faults, unites many excellencies."'Eliza Leslie (see note 27, Nov. 5, 1834 1261), Henry Charles Carey's sister-in-law, edited The Gift for Carey and Hart. The annual was published for the years 1836, 1837, 1839, 1840, 1842, 1843, 1844, and 1845. Simms offered Miss Leslie the choice of two stories for The Gift . . . for 1840, "The Lazy Crow" and "The Arm-Chair of Tustenuggee"; she chose the former (see following letters to Carey). 71c
'Dated by Simms' letter to Carey of Feb. 14, 1839 (71d), in which he writes that "last week I sent you two stories for the 'Gift"' ("The Lazy Crow" and "The Arm-Chair of Tustenuggee").