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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription FEBRUARY 1839 15

to the "Gift" for the ensuing year. When she has made her selection you will do me the favor to cover the article which she declines, in a close packet, and address it immediately to "Mr James Lawson, Vice President of the Washington Marine Insurance Company, New York", and forward it to him by a private and safe opportunity. He will be prepared to appropriate it. How would you like for the 'Gift' some half dozen pages 'by the Author of RH.'' Perhaps, it would be of benefit to all parties. You are, I doubt not, in reciept by this time of the MS. of the book.' When you last wrote it had scarcely time to reach you. With best respects
Yrs ever
W. Gilmore Simms E. L. Carey Esq
Feby. 14. 1839 My dear Sir
Along with this I send you a batch of proofs which reached me last night. If your Printer continues to pour them upon me so fast, I fear I shall fall behind hand; and with this fear, I shall even now have to set to work, to make up my lee way. Other & pressing tasks have compelled me to throw aside my 'Vernon', though I shall be able to send you M. S. by the very first safe hand. The style of the page suits me very well. It is much superior to that of the first ed. of R. H. (By the way, do send me to Belle's care two copies of the second edition.) Since you resolve that 'Harry V.' should not be the name, let it be called "The Yazoo Borderers"—a Tale of Mississippi. Last week I sent you two stories for the "Gift"—or rather, one of the two, giving to Miss L. the privilege of taking which she pleases;
'Nothing "by the author of 'Richard Hurdis'"as published in The Gift for any year.
'Border Beagles.