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Transcription 16 THE SIMMS LETTERS
and both if she pleases.' That which she does not wish, you will do me the favor to send by a safe opportunity, to the address of Mr. James Lawson, Vice Presd. of the Washington Marine Ins. Compy. of New York. It is intended for a similar publication to yours, and he will have instructions what to do with it.2-Yours Ever
W. Gilmore Simms
E. L. Carey Esq.
Woodlands, near Midway March [1839]' My dear Sir
Within one hour after the reciept of your letter of the 9th. I returned the sheet contg. pfs. from 97 to 108 to the Post Office. Pray let me have the proofs of all the matter sent. There has been a miscarriage of five chapters, a portion of which I shall have to
The two stories were "The Lazy Crow. A Story of the Cornfield" and "The Arm-Chair of Tustenuggee. A Tradition of the Catawba." Miss Leslie chose the former, published in The Gift ... for 1840, pp. 41-72. The same volume contains Simms'"Ellen Ramsay," pp. 222-228.
We erred in assigning Simms' letter to Carey and Hart dated Feb. 1 in which he says he is enclosing "a note for Miss Leslie accompanying a story for the next vol of the Gift" to the year 1839 (71b). It probably was written in 1836 and the story, therefore, was "Jocass&," published in The Gift ... for 1837. pp.
'In Mar. 1838 Simms wrote to Carey (71e) that he had "not heard from you or Miss Leslie which of the Tales she has chosen," and on Mar. 30 he wrote to Lawson (72) that he had written to "a friend in Phila. to forward you a story to be offered to [Monson] Bancroft for the Magnolia." On June 1 he wrote to Carey (73a) that his "friend in New York has not received the M. S. story which you tell me was sent by Miss Leslie," and on June 18 he asked Lawson (75) whether he had "recieved a small packet from Carey & Hart or Miss Leslie, containing a story ]'of American diablerie'] of some fifty pages. I instructed them to send one to you, which I wrote you to give to Bancroft." Evidently by the time Lawson received the story Bancroft had decided not to issue The Magnolia for 1840. On July 7 and again on July 20 Simms asked Lawson (76 and 77) to have the Harpers return the manuscript to him. "The Arm-Chair of Tustenuggee" was published in Godey's Lady's Book, XX (May 1840), 193-201.
'Dated by Simms' remarks about the loss of part of the manuscript of Border Beagles. See letters to Carey of June 1 (73a) and to Carey and Hart of Oct. 28 (77c).